Finding a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Houston

A motorcycle accident can cause some of the worst injuries to people involved in them. These injuries can also be incredibly expensive. Motorcycle accident victims can suffer from: the need for amputations, broken bones, shattered bones, muscle tears, neck, brain, and spinal cord injuries, organ damage along with internal bleeding, burn injuries, paralysis, road rash that can be so bad it requires skin grafting, and intense scarring and disfigurement. The worst possible injury a motorcyclist can suffer from is a wrongful death. Charles J. Argento & Associates are a personal injury law firm in Houston that don’t want to see any more motorcycle accidents on their streets. Even though they wish motorcycle accidents would stop happening, they are not going to stop representing the victims who clearly need the help fighting for financial compensation.


Your Houston motorcycle accident lawyer will sit down with you to go over every aspect of your case. They will see how this accident happened, what injuries you suffered from, and what these injuries mean for your future. All of these factors will go into what kind of compensation you can ask for. In Houston, depending on the situation you can ask for compensation to cover, current medical costs, future medical expenses, lost wages from having to take time off, loss of earning capacity in case you are unable to perform your same work functions anymore, disability, as well as pain and suffering emotionally.  These are all things you will want to talk to your attorney about and see what you would qualify for. They will do their best to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve from your injuries.

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