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Settlements from Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury law firms are generally proud of their personal injury claims results their personal injury attorneys have gotten for their clients in medical malpractice, premise automobile accidents, liability, trip and fall, product liability, and other situations resulting in injury. The following are selected results from various personal injury attorney cases in with residents.

Jet Ski Accident Personal Injury Attorneys

Although Jet Ski accidents on waterways are quite common, this accident was unusual. Their personal injury attorney’s client was not on the Jet Ski when the accident occurred. This resident was relaxing on a raft tied to the backend of a jet ski.

As the Jet Ski driver was pulling him around the reservoir on the raft, the driver abruptly turned at full throttle headed directly for the shore. Then the driver made another sharp turn only a few feet from shore, which caused a teenager to be thrown from the raft onto the shore, hitting a nearby tree at a speed estimated by law enforcement officials to be approximately 70 mph.

Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injury Attorneys

Their personal injury attorney’s client was hit in the rear, by a semi truck, which resulted in subsequent surgery to her shoulder and further treatment for the injury to her neck.

Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injury Attorney

There is the case of a personal injury law firm client who was a teenager when an automobile wreck caused her to require TMJ surgery to fix the injury to her painful jaw joint. The personal injury attorney client’s settlement paid all past medical bills and the estimated cost of additional TMJ surgery she would need later.

Motor Vehicle Accident in Personal Injury Attorneys

Not too long ago a personal injury attorney’s client was a passenger in an automobile when the driver lost control during an impromptu and illegal street race. The personal injury law firm client was ejected from the vehicle hitting his head on the ground. The personal injury attorney client suffered a traumatic brain injury among other diagnosis.

Even though the personal injury attorney’s client was not wearing the available seatbelt, the personal injury attorneys were still able to obtain the full available insurance policy limits.

Accident Attorneys Get Personal Injury Claims Settlement for Injured

In this case, the accident law firm is proud of the results their accidents attorneys have achieved for their clients in automobile accidents, medical malpractice, premise liability, product liability, trip and fall, and other situations resulting in personal injury. There are many personal injury claims results from various members of accident attorney teams on personal injuries settlements with personal injury residents.